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The Baggage Butler

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The Baggage Butler is more than just a delivery service. With our trained customer service representatives, experienced and bonded drivers, and cutting-edge technology, we deliver peace of mind for everyone who needs their package delivered in a rush manner. Our technology allows for real-time tracking during your delivery, and you’ll receive a signature confirmation upon completion.


Our Services

Next Flight Out Service

When you need a bag shipped to its destination as fast as possible, look no further than The Baggage Butler. Our dedicated staff can quickly find the next flight headed toward your bag destination and ensure your cargo is on the plane. The Baggage Butler can take care of all your cross-country delivery needs in one day and we are compliant with all Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines.

Legal Courier Services

We have been a trusted source for legal courier and delivery service needs since before EDGAR and electronic filings were implemented. Our legal couriers are familiar with all of the local courts in our service areas and we make sure that no matter your legal delivery need it is taken care of on time every time.

Conventions Pickup & Delivery Services

With our dedicated couriers, we can provide the means to keep your conference and trade show exhibits moving reliably, on time, and safely in their original condition. Our trade show and conference courier services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—call us at any time to request a quote and schedule a pickup!

Print and Delivery Services

Before now, shipping documents meant having to print them out yourself, placing them in an appropriately sized envelope, and mailing it off hoping that it didn’t get lost or destroyed in the process. But you don’t have to keep living those days—at Reliable Couriers, we can have your documents printed and shipped directly from one of our centers, cutting down on the wait time and getting your documents on the road faster.


Baggage Butler, Central Florida's Premier Baggage Delivery and Valet Service

At Baggage Butler we ensure timely delivery of late arriving luggage or delayed luggage to your customer by our licensed and insured drivers employed by us, not uninsured delivery drivers that log on to an app looking for fares. Our drivers take pride in our company and our service, and strive to provide first class customer experience through prompt, speedy and safe delivery of your customer’s baggage.

Baggage Butler’s pricing is based on distance of delivery. No complicated algorithms, hidden surcharges, tips or added costs, just simple basic pricing plus applicable taxes.

Baggage Butler Pricing Structure:

  • 1-5 miles radius to $24.99 (Minimum of 3 bags)
  • 5-10 miles: $29.99 per bag
  • 10-15 miles: $34.99 per bag
  • 15-20 miles: $39.99 per bag
  • 20-25 miles: $49.99 per bag
  • 25-30 miles: $44.99 per bag
  • 30-35 miles: $59.99 per bag

For deliveries outside of the immediate 35 mile radius, please contact us via phone or email for an instant quote.

We also deliver to the following cities:

  • Winter Haven
  • Auburndale
  • Lakeland
  • Plant City
  • Tampa
  • St. Pete/Clearwater Area
  • Port Canaveral
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Daytona Beach
  • St. Augustine Jacksonville
  • West Palm
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • and outlying areas

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